Given the nature of their business (tech and phone repair) Lovefone have a very specific set of requirements they need from their delivery partners. All products need to be handled with care, be picked up from and delivered back to very specific areas and/or directly to the owner of the phone. And it needs to be done in double-quick time.

Lovefone were one of our very first customers. They were part of our beta launch of customers in March 2015 and have been with us ever since and have been integral in giving us feedback and ideas around on how to improve our services.

Thousands of deliveries and many happy customers later we are now going one step further to integrate the businesses via our API in order to increase Lovefone’s offering across London for even speedier repair services.

Abellio deliver 1000’s of travelcards a month to some of the biggest bluechips based here in London. They came to us with the challenge of picking up these travel cards at a specific time and delivering them all across London within a couple of hours in order to ensure that they arrived just in time to replace expired commuters expired travelcards. The courier service they were using up to that point was proving unreliable which led to customer complaints and ultimately, ended up costing Abellio to refund tickets that needed to be bought in order to cover the cost of travel as a result of tickets not turning up

Gophr built a booking system that enables multiple drops to be booked along multiple routes. Bookings are confirmed by a certain cut off time and our fastest couriers are tasked within a few hours. This entire process is now being implemented via our API.

Since Gophr were appointed on a two week trial we have delivered thousands of travelcards on Abellio’s behalf with no recorded customer issues.

As one of the largest and most well known global brand development agencies in the Fashion space, Starworks Group (now part of the Vice Media family) needed a delivery partner that could react quickly to their needs, enable employees to book on the move and give them the exact status is on any delivery booked through by their team at any given time.

Starworks have been using or desktop and mobile booking apps almost since their inception and have been key in helping us develop some of the innovative features we’ve released since we started working with them in early 2016.

Since we started working together we’ve delivered thousands of jobs all over London to some of the biggest luxury brands in London (a few of which we’ve gone on to work with) and some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Our real-time tracking links also enable SWG’s customers to know exactly where their deliveries are and given them peace of mind.

Beats headphones were looking for a delivery firm to partner up with for their [#beatssolo] Christmas 2015 campaign. They need a group of cycle couriers who could deliver headphones on demand all around central London on-demand, within less than hour and take photographic evidence of the delivery. The campaign took place on the 23rd of December and anyone who wanted to be gifted a pair of free Beats simply had to tag a tweet with #GetBeats and go submit.

We chose the fastest cycle couriers on our fleet, opened up our cycle courier delivery area temporarily for those selected riders and armed them with as many headphones as they could carry. We also supported them with a roaming cargo bike that could supply them with additional stock as needed. The couriers used the photo functionality in the Gophr courier app to submit selfies with the winners which we then shared with Beats to post on Twitter.

Estee Lauder needed to find a same-day delivery solution for an exciting new project being undertaken by their innovation team internally; a eCommerce Facebook Chatbot that would enable their customers to buy Gift Boxes for Christmas.

The team needed a solution that was capable of integrating seamlessly with the payment solution implemented within the Facebook Chatbot’s shopping basket. The delivery solution needed to be able to make same-day delivery available if the customer purchasing the item was within the delivery area, and we needed to pull the address details from the chosen Payment gateway; which was Paypal.

The entire solution was developed by Estee Lauders development team using our API, with a bit of help from our side to help them test and refine the solution further.

The launch of this project generated lots of press coverage from a wide variety of national broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. Despite December being the busiest time of year for us all our deliveries went without a hitch.