DocTap is part of a new generation of healthcare providers focussed on improving access to healthcare when and where people need it – offering same day GP appointments across London, supported by quick and reliable test results.

Their challenge: delivery was becoming a complication, and more importantly a growth distraction

Medical test logistics is a complicated business. Test kits are sensitive, and the on-demand nature of the service makes predicting delivery volumes and driver resourcing particularly tricky.

If managing this kind of delivery service isn’t your core business, then the setup and running of in-house fleet can become an expensive distraction. DocTap had one member of staff who was responsible for managing the scheduling of couriers amongst other tasks, with up to 15 hours a week spent planning and managing courier ops. 

Gophr’s solution: a fully outsourced flexible fleet

In 2022, DocTap turned to Gophr to outsource their delivery fleet so they could focus on scaling their core business.

“As we can order couriers depending on our bespoke needs it means we are not tied into courier schedules as we were with an in-house fleet” – Co-creator, Dan Faber.

The DocTap offering

Patients use DocTap’s platform to sign up and then book convenient and affordable GP appointments with fully-qualified GPs placed in convenient locations around London. 

The paid-for service frees up NHS appointments for others that need them and gives the patients the flexibility to book appointments around their schedule.

Patients can get prescriptions and take tests during appointments, which are then sent off to the lab for fast turnaround by pharmacy-trained couriers.

Why Gophr works for DocTap

Gophr’s network of on-demand pharmacy trained drivers were ‘qualified’ to replace DocTap’s in-house fleet. Which gave their strategy team the financial and time bandwidth to grow their core offering.

Gophr’s large network of on-demand, pharmacy-trained couriers means DocTap’s unpredictable test volumes can be covered reliably and picked up quickly – in as little as 20 minutes.

And with multiple clinics to collect from, Gophr’s multi-pickup service and smart routing tech can drive significant cost savings versus booking several one off A-2-B deliveries.

Then there’s the saving on administration: Gophr’s simple booking system streamlines operations for DocTap’s pharmacy teams.

Local clinic teams can make booking as and when they need them, while billing and invoices are taken care of within a centralised admin account. 

The system for requesting couriers is mostly automated using the Gophr API which saves even more time. DocTap’s system reads when a clinic is open and then requests a courier automatically.

“Patients shouldn’t have to wait weeks for test results. We can bank on Gophr for quick and reliable test delivery, keeping our patients happy” – Co-creator Dan Faber.

Scaling for the future

DocTap’s success in London is just the beginning. They are set to bring their GP appointments and testing delivery service (powered by Gophr’s nationwide network) to more UK cities. 

The partnership has not only improved the efficiency of DocTap’s operations as they plan to scale, but also improved the quality of care for their patients, raising the bar for medical testing services.