When the world went into lockdown, businesses quickly realised that the office culture they’d spent years building was quite a challenge to share with remote workers. 

Our same-day courier service helped London digital agency, Brainlabs, transform into a food box company, shipping over 300 delicious meals a week to their remote workers. Aside from saving their team from the bog-standard WFH soup and sandwich, we helped the agency to adapt their most-loved work perk and keep their company culture alive.

“Our partnership with Gophr has worked wonders for sustaining brainfood!” – Poppy Bryanton, Workplace Manager, Brainlabs


Why the award-winning agency is renowned for its company culture

Brainlabs is a smart digital marketing agency, employing over 500 people across the globe. They’re known for their progressive company culture, but without doubt, their most popular staff perk is their team of in-house chefs dishing up free, delicious meals Monday to Friday.


The moment Brainlabs realised they need to take their office perk remote

When lockdown struck and the London office was forced to close, the remote team lost their favourite perk of in-house meals and sadly the Brainlabs chefs had to be furloughed.

Brainlabs were desperate to keep their company culture alive and decided the meals everyone loved had to return. They needed a courier who could deliver the office grub to their remote staff on the same day they were rustled up in the kitchen.


How the digital agency transformed into a food box company overnight

That’s where we come in. Brainlabs Workplace Manager, Poppy Bryanton, simply handed over an excel spreadsheet of their drop-off destinations and we took care of the rest. 

Our couriers are seasoned pros at delivering food boxes for the likes of HelloFresh and Farmdrop, so Brainlabs knew we’d have no problem handling perishable food, as well as determining the optimum number of drivers needed and the most efficient routes they should take. (Obviously, we let Poppy take credit for this masterminding – she’s now known as the Office Logistics Genius!)

Every week we made two shipments for Poppy and the Brainlabs squad: a mixture of nutritious meals throughout the week, and of course, the odd sweet treat to combat those Monday blues.

“Gophr’s drivers feel very professional and there’s never any hassle. Any issues are dealt with really quickly and that professionalism makes a big difference.” – Poppy Bryanton, Workplace Manager, Brainlabs


Keeping their company culture alive thanks to same-day delivery

Each week, we delivered over 300 meals to 80 members of the Brainlabs team across the capital. But more importantly, we helped keep an important part of the company’s culture alive remotely.


If you have any questions about our service or want to chat, please get in touch with us at partnerships@gophr.com.