Gophr Release Version 1.9.20160801

What’s new in this updated version for the customer’s booking app:

  • You might notice the login and registration now work in the same way as on the desktop version of the app. Don’t worry, you will still able to log in with a single tap if your details have been saved.
  • We’ve improved our tracking functionality to identify any bottlenecks in your booking process. As usual, your feedback is always welcome.
  • Loading the live chat feature will now let us know from which account are you contacting us. Because customer service is that much better when you know who you’re talking to, right?


On top of that, we’ve fixed a couple annoying bugs that you might have seen around:

  • Crashes on start were being caused by internal systems needing an¬†update. Technology moves so fast these days, and we strive to provide you with the latest available on the market working hard to live up to high-quality standards.
  • Some push notifications seemed not being detected properly. Now you will get to know of every change on your job status in real time as soon as your courier updates it.

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