Gophr Work Release Version 2.0.20160705

What’s new in your new version of the app for couriers:

  • The profile and settings section has a new look! Each settings category is grouped on its own making it easier to adjust only the details relevant to them.
  • As of now, you will be able to review and – if necessary – edit your bank account details, to make sure you get your weekly payments timely.
  • Requesting jobs cancellations from withing the app is now possible, we’re linking you through to our HQ phone line to let us know. As a security feature, you will no longer be able to proceed with a job once you request cancellation, so you need to be certain of it.


Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • The status switch now is located under the top left menu for access from all tabs.
  • Whenever the customer enters a custom package size you’ll be presented with the exact dimensions, that way it’s easier to know if you can carry it.
  • The GPS will only record the most recent locations, to keep the tracking relevant and lightweight.
  • Fewer location alerts when GPS fails, no need to drawn in error messages.


On top of that we’ve ironed out a few kinks that might have been annoying you:

  • Clearing out expired sessions should bring up less confusing alerts, especially after taking days off.
  • No more annoying ghost ringing of job notifications when you’re riding, finally.
  • Browsing your job history lets you go back to the actual page you were looking at.
  • Waiting charges confirmation was missing sometimes for mysterious reasons, those dark days are over.

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