There’ll often come a time when you need to move things from A to B as a matter of urgency, but you might not know which delivery service to pick. 

We’re going to run through 2 of the fastest same day delivery services on offer – ‘urgent’ and ‘direct’ – discuss their differences, benefits, use cases, and how to book them.

While both delivery options are just as fast and efficient as each other, there’s a few differences you might want to be aware of…


Urgent vs. direct: How do they differ?


It’s important to remember: Not every direct job is urgent, and not every urgent job is direct. So what’s the difference?


Urgent deliveries 

  • Offer the fastest possible collection time.
  • Items are typically picked up in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Items are taken to their destination with possible stops along the way.
  • More expensive than regular same day, less expensive than Direct.


Direct deliveries 

  • Offer the fastest possible transit time. 
  • Items are typically collected within 3 hours.
  • Items are taken ‘direct’ to their destination with no stops in between. 
  • Generally the most expensive service.


3 reasons to opt for urgent or direct deliveries:

Increased efficiency: 

When you need things delivered in a flash, other delivery services just don’t cut it. Both urgent and direct deliveries can step in to keep business operations running smoothly, whether that’s by shifting things to meet company deadlines, or coming to the rescue when something’s been forgotten or left to the last minute.


Reduced failed deliveries:

Urgent and direct deliveries often come with accurate tracking and live ETAs. Which means recipients can plan accordingly, cutting down on missed deliveries.


Value add:

When time is of the essence, urgent and direct deliveries can be lifesavers. But they’re not just for emergencies! Whether you’re out to impress a client or outdo yourself on a project, they can be that extra oomph that sets you apart.


Use cases

Urgent deliveries

If you’re really in a time crunch and need something picked up pronto, urgent delivery is the way to go. Whether it’s film or production supplies needing to be picked up ASAP or legal documents that need to be whisked away to meet a tight deadline, urgent delivery makes sure your items are collected as fast as possible.


Direct deliveries

However, if you’re moving delicate or high-value items, but can wait a little longer for collection, direct delivery is your best bet. Think freshly baked cakes or delicate flowers – no stops in between helps to keep freshness and quality. 

Or take Motion Picture Solutions, for example. They rely on direct deliveries to transport their high-value hard drives to clients to meet strict deadlines. Nothing else is picked up en route gives them total peace of mind.


Courier criteria


There’s usually a lot more riding on these types of deliveries compared to regular ones, so choosing the right courier is important. Here are a few things you’ll want them to offer:

  • Lots of available couriers
  • A fleet of different vehicles
  • ASAP collection times
  • Solid customer support options e.g. live chat
  • Live tracking and accurate ETAs
  • Delivery notifications
  • Proof of collection and delivery

It’s always worth checking the ‘collection from’ and ‘deliver by’ times before you book a delivery service to make sure that your products are moved as quickly as you need them to be.


Booking direct and urgent deliveries with Gophr


It’s easy to book direct on our booking app. Just select ‘Direct’ from the delivery options available.

For urgent deliveries, choose our ‘Fastest’ option. 

Depending on the area, we can typically pick up within 30 minutes, but please check the ETAs on the delivery options to get a better idea of when your courier will arrive.


If you’re unsure exactly which delivery service you might need, hit the chat button to get some help from our team.