We think of sustainability as being two-fold; people and planet.

We’ve always worked very hard at making sure we go further than others in our sector on the people side, making sure we do better by the people we work with; fully respecting their right to free agency, finding ways to provide benefits that go above and beyond with Onsi (formerly Collective Benefits), providing more open communication and a greater profit share.

Tackling emissions has always been a harder challenge as it’s tricky to drive change when you’re working with owner-drivers who all have their own arrangements in place. That said, we’ve taken the first, big step of offsetting all Gophr couriers’ journey emissions, and doing it through the right kind of carbon partner in Pachama. And we’re committed to going further, particularly through electrification and increasing our bike fleet over the coming months and years.

This, coupled with our commitment to building the smartest, and most efficient delivery network in the UK powered by highly advanced technology and executed by independent couriers who have a greater stake than with our competitors, means fewer journeys, utilising less fossil fuels than our competitors. We look forward to bringing more good news on this front in the years to come.

– Seb

If you’d like to see where we’re up to with sustainability, here’s a link to our 2020 Sustainability Report: SUSTAINABILITY AT GOPHR