The first floral delivery service was founded by 15 American florists in 1910. Nowadays you can send flowers for pretty much anything from showing appreciation, sending congratulations, mourning a loved one or staying in the good books on the day of love.

In recent years, people in the UK have spent £261 billion on Valentine’s Day flowers, often ordering online and getting them delivered to their significant other. However, as we all know, online deliveries don’t always go to plan. 

Floral delivery complaints

Twitter has definitely become the go-to place to air delivery issues after shopping online.

Consumers are more likely to get a prompt response as companies need to appear proactive to any issues being discussed on a public platform, so it can definitely be beneficial for both parties if handled well.

So, before the biggest floral delivery day of the year rolls around, we have analysed over 1,000 tweets (around Valentines Day 2021) from customers that include 15 of the UK’s biggest floral delivery services in order to see what consumers complained about most.

We found that 54% of all the tweets analysed in the research were negative, but what were the most common gripes?

What are the main reasons for complaints for floral deliveries?

We analysed over 1,000 tweets (seven days prior and seven days post Valentines Day 2021) from customers which include 15 of the following floral delivery services:

  1. Haute
  2. Marks & Spencer
  3. Bloom & Wild
  4. Interflora
  5. Flowerbx
  6. Waitrose & Partners Florist
  7. Flying Flowers
  8. Bunches
  9. Serenata Flowers
  10. eflorist
  11. Floom
  12. Appleyard
  13. Moonpig
  14. Flower Station
  15. Arena Flowers


Of the 1,024 tweets that were analysed only 27% were positive and 20% were neutral, which made us dive deeper into the reasons behind the negative responses.

The top reason for complaints on Twitter seemed to be an issue with no-show deliveries, with almost a quarter (23%) of tweets saying things such as “no flower order and my account charged. Trusted you to deliver on the day, nothing has turned up”.

Following this was poor service, with 11% of the tweets unhappy with the lack of communication or updates. One such Tweet said “I have been charged for an order but didn’t receive any confirmation email or the actual item” and another says “Appalling lack of service from florists. I ordered a valentines bouquet from them and there was no sign of it by 2pm. I emailed them and they told me it wasn’t coming”. 

5% of tweets blamed poor quality and 2% grumbled about late deliveries. A further 2% featured complaints that the flowers were delivered to the wrong address, and just over 1% claimed their flowers arrived damaged.