Bike manufacturing start ups that you need to know about

Cylo bike

The Cylo 1 has been described as ‘The perfect bike’. Created by a former director of design at Nike, it’s a very attractive bike (if a little feminine). There are lots of people building bikes inspired around the needs of city dwellers, some of we’ve mentioned below, but this one is a true commuter: whatever you need on your bike, you’ve got it right there. Lights: built in. Fenders: built in: Reflectors: built in. Even the damn charger is built in as a dynamo in the wheel nut. What this bike lacks in individual style, it makes up for in practicality. Sadly you can no longer buy it as they’ve discontinued it to focus on the Cylo-S, which you can’t seem to get pictures anywhere of …yet.


Omnium cargo bikes

These are a personal favourite of ours, we currently have one roaming London showing off it’s surprising nimbleness and speed for such a heavy-load bearing bike. Founded in 2012 by Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen, a Danish cycle courier since 2002, who still finds the time to run a bike shop, build Omnium cycles all whilst still continuing to work as a courier. He’s a bit of a legend on the scene, carving new routes through Copenhagen where he lives and works. Look for his name near the top of the results on several past CMWC cargo races. Watch him in action in this epic video.




The mission statement on their website really says it all: ‘In the same way the mountain bike was designed for the mountains so tokyobike was designed for Tokyo.’ Ok, so you might not be lucky enough to be in Tokyo right now however, you’re likely deep in an urban environment, and I will punt that if this bike can make you happy and relaxed in the metropolis of Tokyo, then it should make you pretty happy in most other urban environments. They have a healthy choice of colours and styles to suit you and your ride and their store in Shoreditch is full of really nice gear and staffed by lovely people to boot!


Mason cycles

A British start-up founded by Tom Marchment who previously worked at iRide and knows his stuff when it comes to sourcing great materials. A first look at these beautiful machines was recently released on Every detail on these bikes has been constructed to a mind blowing level of accuracy and beauty. We can’t imagine what they’re like to ride, but we’re fairly sure that it would be nothing short of absolute quality.


JIVR bike

Take your standard folding bike and your standard electric bike and mash them together and although it may come close it wouldn’t look as well thought out as a JIVR. Quite a bit more effort than that has been put into this idea. They’ve built an impressive app to match their smart bike design. If you’re interested in injecting some more VROOOM into a Brompton-style ride then you should probably take a look. It takes a while to grow on you but by the time you get to the end of their hilarious teaser video you’re completely won over by the idea. Hope to see them on a London street soon.


Fixation London


We fell in love with the brand the moment we first laid eyes on their gorgeous bikes. A winning formula; natural colours, stylish leather, shit loads of chrome and a freaking clock on the stem. Styled thematically around the different London cultures and subcultures, each bike is meant to have its own little persona that makes them pretty irresistible. The Kentish town is a favourite, and interestingly we’re not very far from there, is that the idea..?


Field cycles

Hands down the most beautiful bikes on this list, or probably anywhere on the planet. Each bike is hand crafted in Sheffield (it says so on each badge, reminds me of old Raleigh bikes with ‘Nottingham’ on the badge) by a team of three people, and you can see them all here in this awe inspiring video documentary about Harry Harrison the founder and master craftsman at Field cycles. It’ll have you evaluating whether you do really need that second kidney after all.


Made of Steel – Field Cycles from Walker Creative on Vimeo.

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