The situation

So you may have heard by now that the entire country is on lockdown. You’ve also probably read all the articles about how couriers and those working for a local delivery service are now considered key workers. On top of this, chances are you’ve noticed how everyone is now – rightly – starting to become a bit more mindful about how vital their work is for local businesses and the wider community. 

According to the office of national statistics, the number of courier companies has exploded over the last 5 years. The number of delivery services making less than £50k (which it’s safe to assume are mostly sole traders) has doubled from around 5,000 to over 10,000 since 2015 – an increase that’s been driven by the proliferation of food delivery apps. It’s important not to understate how much of a boon to local restaurants and other food vendors these apps have been. Over the years, I’ve had countless conversations with restaurant owners who’ve said local food delivery apps have made the difference in whether their businesses stayed alive or died.


The opportunity

That being said, food delivery only makes up 20% of the same-day delivery market in the UK.. Food delivery needs to be handled so that it arrives hot and fresh from the kitchen which is why it lends itself well to a taxi-app style solution; the closest driver to the pick-up point gets the job, collects from the restaurant and goes straight to the delivery point. It’s a system that works, and works very well.



However, this still leaves a huge market out there for a local delivery service that provides the same slick customer experience as food delivery and taxi apps, but with the flexibility to adapt to the very wide range of needs in the business sector – all whilst ensuring the courier is getting paid fairly for their work.

This kind of work runs the gamut; from providing postal drop style work from an eCommerce warehouse, through to circuit-style work delivering to and from offices and delivering straight from stores. 

It’s in that last part where we believe we can help couriers and their local communities more than ever. Our mission from the very beginning has been built around bringing couriers and their customers much closer together with our technology. We aim to help couriers build and grow their own businesses directly with these customers, whilst supplementing them with additional work from large companies they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. 

Right now, there are independent businesses in your local community, begging for local delivery support – and we can help you provide that.


How to get going, and what’s involved

Just download our app and make the application, and we’ll support you with the rest. We believe it’s amongst the best in the market, with some of the most advanced functions out there – and it’s all been designed from the ground up with couriers in mind. With us, you get total transparency on every job, including price and pick-up and drop-off locations, before you decide whether to accept work. Plus, there’s no such thing as sin-binning or any other nonsense like that.

Once completed, get in touch with our team who will provide you with materials to get started. 

We can provide you with work from well-known brands or businesses that have approached via Google, from which we take a 20% commission. If you win any businesses locally, we will go ahead and give you half of our 20%.

From here, you have the option to level-up and gain access to more revenue opportunities. We pay you every Friday and will also provide additional benefits based on performance. 

Trust us when we say it will be a challenge to find a courier job with higher rates or better flexibility.


Our aim

We want to build the largest fleet of independent courier operators in the UK, made up of local delivery services who ladder up to the biggest and most advanced network in the country. We want to give communities the opportunity to provide local delivery services that match or exceed that of popular food delivery apps or big-hitters like Amazon Prime – but we also want those communities to build relationships with you, their delivery driver. Much like they would with the local village postie or milkman. 

We have the tech, and if you think you have the skills, then please get in touch with us – we have loads of exciting opportunities constantly cropping up, and we’ll support you to make them happen.

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