Every self-employed worker should get easy access to benefits and protection, to support their everyday life and help them to feel secure and valued in their place of work. 

Which is why we were the very first courier platform to partner up with Onsi back in Jan 2020, to bring 3 benefit packages to the self-employed drivers that work with us, which include things like injury pay, discounts, sick cover, and wellness perks.  

But it’s just got even better. We’ve been working hard to make sure even more couriers can access these benefits packages by reducing the eligibility criteria for the Silver Tier package (now, couriers only have to complete 30 jobs per month to qualify). In doing this, we’ve managed to double the number of Gophr couriers who can now access these benefits compared to last year.

What are the different tiers and benefits?

  • Accident and Injury Pay: compensation for when you have an accident and injure yourself at work
  • Compassionate & Family Leave: paid leave if you welcome a new family member or lose a loved one
  • Sick Pay: compensation for when you’re too ill to work
  • Wellness and Wellbeing: 24/7 emotional support, expert advice and counselling
  • Deals and Rewards: deals and discounts on food, fuel, technology and more
  • Engagement and Edutainment: educational videos, competitions, and interactive content designed to support independent workers

What are the requirements to access these benefit packages?

Silver Tier: 30+ jobs completed per month

Gold Tier: minimum earnings per month required 

Platinum Tier: minimum earnings per month required

How do I get access?

If you haven’t already registered, head to the Onsi site (signing up is completely free) and if you’re eligible, you’ll instantly get access to your benefits.

If you have any questions at all, please take a look at the Onsi FAQs or you can chat to them on their Live Chat (the purple support icon on the bottom right of their site).