Certain surcharges may be payable by you in addition to the carriage fees which are set out as the cost for the standard delivery of your order. When a surcharge is payable, it may be charged directly to the payment method used to make the initial order (and you hereby authorise the automated payment of such charges). If we have not obtained your consent to charge surcharges directly to your original payment method, we will contact you directly to arrange payment.

Any Surcharges represent the additional administrative costs which will be suffered in connection with the Courier Services. This information is made available to you prior to placing your order.

For illustrative purposes, the following is a non-exhaustive list of when surcharges may be payable.




All jobs are inclusive of ten minutes waiting time from arrival at collection/delivery location, after which waiting time will be charged to clients and payable on a per minute basis.

For the avoidance of doubt: The first 10 (ten) minutes at collection/delivery location will be free of charge to client. After the first ten minutes expire, waiting time will be charged and paid out on a per minute basis starting for every minute after the original 10 minutes expire. There will be no payment for any waiting time minutes within the first 10 minutes from arrival at collection /delivery location. The rate per minute depends on the vehicle type:


Vehicle Charge per minute
Bicycles 21p
Cargo Bicycles 23p
Motorcycles 25p
Parcel Cars 35p
Small Vans 40p
Large Vans 43p




A surcharge of 100% of the Fee (in addition to the Fee remaining payable) may be applied when the Courier tries to deliver the Consignment and is unable to deliver in accordance with the Order, after the Courier’s attempts to contact you have failed or it has been confirmed the collection cannot be made when scheduled. If the Courier has attempted delivery within the window required by you and it is not deliverable, you will be liable for and charged the surcharge. If however, the Courier has missed the required delivery window then you will not be liable for the surcharge.

A surcharge of 100% of the Fee (in addition to the Fee remaining payable) will be applied if the receiver refuses to take delivery of the goods and they need to be sent back to the collection point or if it is not in the reasonable opinion of the Courier possible to leave the Consignment in a safe place at the point of delivery.

By entering the weight and dimensions of your Consignment on the site you are prepaying for the postage. On receiving the Courier Booking details before they quote for the work the Courier will be making a judgment as to whether they have room to take the Consignment. Accordingly, it is important to be accurate. If the Consignment is significantly heavier or larger then the additional weight/size the Courier is entitled, acting reasonably, to refuse to take the Consignment and a Cancellation Fee of 100% of the minimum price for the selected vehicle will be payable (instead of the full fee payable).


Vehicle Base price Charge per mile
Bicycles £4.60 £1.02
Cargo Bicycles £8.69 £1.94
Motorcycles £5.62 £1.64
Parcel Cars £8.69 £1.94
Small Vans £11.24 £2.30
Large Vans £14.31 £2.56