Courier jobs are becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals searching for a role different from the typical 9-5, with flexible and varied work meaning that no one day is ever the same. Being a courier means that employees can fit in work around their own schedule, explore different places and meet new people each day. However, as with any job there are some downsides. Here, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of courier jobs to help you decide whether it could be a good fit for you.

Benefits of being a courier: The great stuff

Courier work is particularly unique in that it allows workers total independence over their schedule and workload, all while getting to travel the city and meet new people. Let’s get started with just a handful of some of the things that come with being a courier.

Flexibility that works around you

While traditional courier companies might pressure employees to be in for a particular time and work a certain number of hours for them to be guaranteed work, Gophr allows you to plan courier jobs around your own schedule. Couriers are not expected to fulfil a certain number of hours per day, allowing for the best possible work-life balance through complete freedom to work as and when suits you and as little or as much as you’d like.

Real self-employment

Experience true self-employment – simply log in when you want to work and you’re set to go. Rather than daily shifts being controlled by a dispatcher, these are instead calculated through algorithms. This means no fear of bias for favourite couriers, allowing you to accept and reject jobs without getting penalised and ensuring long-term job stability for you.

Explore the city on your own terms

One of the best things about being a courier is that unlike conventional 9-5s you get to be out and about in the city, getting to know your way around it and constantly meeting new people. You’re never stuck in the same place, while the courier community itself is a very tightly knit one, with many couriers sharing mutual interests in photography and art.

More holiday time

With no timetabled commitment, courier jobs mean that a holiday is never far away. Because you only work when you want to there’s no booking off with your manager to approve requests.

Make extra money

Over busier periods there’s a lot of potential to make extra money through taking on more jobs. Of course, the number of deliveries you want to take on is down to you, though it’s always nice to know that if you want to make a bit more money when you have the time to, the option is there.

Downsides of being a courier: The less great stuff

It wouldn’t be fair to go through all the great things about being a courier without offering a perspective of the other side. While we don’t think there’s much not to like with being a courier, here are some less glamorous things worth considering.

Dependent on demand

Given that courier work is based on customer demand, the number of shifts available to take on will vary dependent on this. Naturally, things like seasonality also impact the amount couriers are able to work, unlike other jobs in which employees are paid for a month whether there is a high volume of work or not. If you have no other source of income, this can therefore be somewhat of a strain as customer demand shifts month to month.

Miss out on employee benefits

While there are a number of great things about being self-employed, one of the main things that couriers miss out on as a result of this are employee benefits. Whether it be health care packages or pension contributions, being self-employed means that couriers do not receive these employee perks and also have to take care of things like their own taxes. However, this is not an issue unique to courier jobs, with any self-employed person having the same things to deal with.

No paid holidays

While couriers are free to take their holiday as and when they please, unlike other conventional desk jobs these holiday days are unpaid. This is another element of courier work being a considered self-employed, however should not prove a problem for those that plan ahead and manage their funds effectively.

Overall, while courier work is a perfect fit for a lot of people and their lifestyles, for some it might not make as much sense. Self-employment means having to sort out mundane things like taxes and pension contributions, while work volume can shift depending on customer demand. Having said that, couriers benefit from a very unique level of independence which allows for greater flexibility around their schedule, while the nature of the job means that no day is the same and you’re always meeting new people.

Ultimately, whether courier work is a good fit for you will entirely depend on your needs and how much you value the pros and cons of the role. Hopefully this blog will have given you greater insight into all of the different aspects that come with courier work.

Interested in a courier job? Apply to Gophr today to start enjoying flexible hours, greater earnings and more control.