How better to boost brand awareness than with your very own TikTok star? 

TikTok has been the leading force in some of the craziest trends over the last few years including Zoom meeting mishaps, dating after your 20s, videos living in your head rent free and thrift flip.

There are over 8.9 million active users in the UK alone. The platform saw a 1157.76% increase in global usage between January 2018 and July 2020.

As of April 2021, 6% of users spend more than 10 hours per week on the app. A further 11% used the video app for 5-10 hours per week in total.

Users in the UK are the most habitual with an average of 27.3 hours per month, followed by the US with an average of 25.6 hours. 

Why are delivery driver TikToks so popular?

TikTok has taken the world by storm with viral videos, in demand trends and popular perspectives. From clean organisational clips to shopping hauls, TikTok has something for literally everybody.

Social media is addictive and TikTok is no different. With every video the brain gets a kick of dopamine boosting the feelings of pleasure and focus. Another attractive feature is how relevant it is to our famously short attention spans – quick quips keep us entertained. 

But what sets delivery driver TikToks apart? It’s the alternative vantage point. Deliveries are a massive part of our daily lives but we never see it from the other side…and now we can. It’s the portal into a whole new journey that we aren’t privy to, and we like it.

Top 20 delivery driver accounts

Delivery companies including UPS, DoorDash, Amazon, DHL, Uber, FedEx and more are encouraging their TikTok stars to keep going and it’s obvious why. TikTok posts reach 17.9% of all internet users aged 18+, meaning it’s free advertising that’s positive, fun and engaging.

But who is topping the charts?

Gophr conducted research via TikTok to find delivery driver accounts that have the highest number of likes and followers. The accounts were identified using the most popular hashtags.

1. Aiden Mann

Aiden_m365 is a UPS delivery driver who has a staggering 3.4 million followers. Aiden’s videos document his delivery routes, work breaks and funny anecdotes about his job.

Aiden has a total of 93.6 million likes across his account. As a transgender man, he also uses his platform to share his journey to his true self.

2. Patrick (a.k.a bikedasher)

Patrick has 2.2 million followers and is a delivery rider for DoorDash. His account is verified and he delivers on a bicycle whilst superbly juggling everything from coffees to smoothies. His entire account documents his deliveries from pick up, the journey to the customer and finally, handing over the delivery to happy customers.

He posted his first video in December 2021 and has grown his following across a short period.

3. Terry Turner

Terry Turner has a strong following of 676.7 thousand followers thanks to his humorous videos during his deliveries for Amazon. 

Based in Chicago, Terry films his escapades and shares them with his audience who have responded by liking his efforts a total of 21.6 million times. 

4. Aaron Cale

UPS driver in Texas, Aaron’s TikTok account is a big success. He documents his days of deliveries which includes a lot of dogs along his routes. 

This dog loving driver has 311.4 thousand devoted followers and has achieved 8 million likes. Aaron travels with dog treats and shows us all how he wins his beloved route animals over.

  1. Angel Valencia, Amazon (7 million likes)
  2. MikeKh, Amazon (5.7 million likes)
  3. Oscar James Pegorraro, UPS (4.9 million likes)
  4. John Cantville, UPS (4.6 million likes)
  5. Kristen Ricciardi, UPS (4 million likes)
  6. Diego Armando, Amazon (3.9 million likes)
  7. Justin, DoorDash (2.9 million likes)
  8. Imsoflorida, UPS (2.8 million likes)
  9. Fredd, Amazon (2.8 million likes)
  10. Barbibombshel, UPS (2.5 million likes)
  11. Silvio, UPS (2.2 million likes)
  12. Razzy Spree, Amazon (1.4 million likes)
  13. Thehotdeliverydriver, UPS (1.6 million likes)
  14. Atlanta, various (1.4 million likes)
  15. Rafael Mendez, Amazon (1.3 million likes)
  16. herrpostmann, various (1.1 million likes)

Which delivery hashtags are the most popular?

TikTok has brought a new view of the world to us which is what makes it so popular. We love seeing things from a new angle and delivery drivers are a prime example.

Maybe unsurprisingly, the leading delivery hashtag, with 5.1 billion views is, well…. #delivery. Followed by #deliverydriver with 431.9 million views.

There are also specific company based hashtags rising in the ranks such as;

  1. #amazondelivery – 262.3 million views
  2. #upsdriver – 170.4 million views
  3. #amazondriver – 161 million views
  4. #dasher – 114.5 million views
  5. #deliveroorider – 10.9 million views

45% of the top twenty delivery driver accounts work for UPS, 35% are delivering for Amazon and 10% for DoorDash. 

Next time you get a delivery, see if your delivery driver is striving for TikTok fame too!

Methodology: TikTok handles were sourced by analysing hashtags relevant to delivery like #deliveryuk, #deliverydriver, #delivery, #dasher etc. with maximum views. The final list was collated by recording the total number of profile likes and followers. Data collated until April 30, 2022.
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