We’ve teamed up with Parcelly to help tackle the urban logistics challenge by combining their hyper-local warehousing with our last-mile delivery.

Parcelly has over 2,500 hyper-local warehousing locations across the UK, allowing retailers to offer customers within urban areas an easier and more sustainable way to deliver on-demand.

Parcelly’s expansive hub infrastructure, paired with Gophr’s nationwide last-mile fulfillment means that together we can offer retailers, and the end customer, ultimate convenience. Our partnership offers the following benefits:

Shorter delivery times

Inventory can be stocked in Parcelly hubs across the UK for longer periods of time, and then delivered same-day by Gophr, getting orders to customers faster, fully tracked, and 100% carbon offset.

Faster inventory turnaround

Instead of holding stock for longer periods (see above), Parcelly’s local hubs can hold it for a limited time (known as cross-docking). This means faster replenishment, reduced last-mile shipping costs, and a better all-around customer experience.

Reduced overheads

The partnership allows us to meet the ever-growing consumer demands for speed, flexibility and sustainability while managing the fulfillment and distribution process for retailers so they don’t have to deal with overhead costs. 

“Our partnership with Parcelly is an all-encompassing solution for retailers. It allows a one-stop-shop for clients to have micro-fulfilment or cross-docking services and bolt-on last-mile delivery with ease.” – Hugo Santos, Head of Partnerships at Gophr.


If you want to get in touch to find out more, please email us at partnerships@gophr.com