fixed gear

Interviews from the void: The Good Brownie Co.

Updated: 22/11/19 Everyone can appreciate the feeling when you get to eat something that’s really good. David, the co-founder of the Good Brownie company, has a distinct vision for how his brownies…

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ALLEZ! Time well spent at the ECMC Milan

Updated: 16/11/19 The European Cycle Messenger Championships (ECMC) is an annual competition for European bicycle messengers. This year, our Co-Founder, Seb Robert, immersed himself in the largest…

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A London bicycle courier guide to building a fixed gear bike

Updated: 7/11/19 At Gophr HQ, we’ve always got a few couriers hanging out in the office. So, we thought we’d ask them for their tips and tricks on building an affordable bike. If you want something…

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