So we’ve been hard at work for the last 5 months hiring, designing, building, smashing stuff up, going back to the drawing board, building again, testing, bug fixing, asking lots of questions, meeting couriers and businesses, people from the industry, getting in touch with old friends and generally just getting loads of advice. Most of it has been good, some has been terrible, but we hope we’ve done a decent job of parsing the two. I’m proud to say that after all this time we’re finally ready to go out with a product that works. It should not only work, but be a damn site better than what you’ve used to date. That’s not to say that it’s perfect; the list of things we want to change and improve runs as long as Regent Street. That said, it’s good enough to test and we thank you all for agreeing to join us in taking this thing we’ve built through its paces. Those of you we didn’t already know we’ve now met face to face over the last few weeks. The surprise for us was how positively you all received the idea, and how open you were to meeting up with us with a view to helping us test it out. I’d even go as far as saying some of you were *reeeaally* keen, which was ridiculously exciting for us when we were leaving your various businesses after our meetings. So thanks for your enthusiasm. A few more points to add:
  • We probably haven’t been clear enough about this as lots of you were pleasantly surprised when we mentioned it: all jobs are express/rush jobs during this beta test. Not only are you getting free credit to spend on couriers, but all jobs accepted are going to go straight to the pick up point to pick up the consignment. Then we take it straight to the delivery point to drop it off. All this for the price of a normal job.
  • The exact area that we cover within the London was a hot topic so we thought we’d share that with you by giving you access to this handy map. We understand this might be a bit limiting for some of you. We’ll be working very hard over the coming weeks and months to grow this area fast. We can do that if you book lots of jobs with us, so if there are places you send stuff to regularly that sit just outside this area then please, for the sweet, sweet love of Jesus, tell us at so we can get it live. Or stick the postcode of that area in the comments below.
  • If you go looking for the mobile app in the App or Play stores you won’t find it yet. We’re keeping a tight reign on this private beta as we really want to kick the tyres on the website booking and courier app for now before we do anything else.
  • We’re rolling out some big changes over the comings weeks as part of our ‘Preview’ mode coming in the next 6 weeks, which is like a post-private beta …or something.