Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Process

The average acceptance time for jobs from the moment you confirm your booking may vary depending on the daily demand. Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays can get very busy so please be patient. For scheduled jobs, couriers will be assigned as early as 30 minutes before the scheduled time, to make sure it is picked by someone in the area or travelling in that direction. If you want to ensure your job is delivered by a specific time please specify this at the time of booking. If it needs to be picked up by a certain time please get in touch with us via live chat and we’ll add this to your booking.
If the address and package details have been submitted as accurately as possible, our system will automatically suggest the best vehicle for your job. If you prefer a different vehicle type to the one suggested you can change this as long as it is suitable for your job. If you want to find more details about the size and weight of packages our couriers can carry, you can read more here.
Go to Define the pickup and delivery addresses and then click on “Get Quick Estimate” button. You can then switch to the various available vehicles for that job to get an idea of what the cost estimates are likely to be for the distance defined. Please keep in mind that this does not account for the cost of high priority and rush jobs, as well as delievries of significant weight.
As of now, you can specify the earliest your parcel can be picked up, as well as a delivery deadline. If you need to define a specific pickup or delivery time window, please get in touch via customer service.
When defining your consignment size and weight, please consider the total volume of all your items as just one item. For example: two phones could be classified as a ‘small parcel’ and weigh ‘1kg’. It’s also worth leaving a short description around your consignment (e.g. ‘two phones’). The courier will be able to see your notes before accepting your job and have a better idea of whether he is suitable for the job, thus reducing the risk of overload.
In the case that the items you need to move require two people for loading/unloading them to the van, you can request this help by getting in touch to our customer service and we can arrange this for you. Unfortunately our couriers will not take any passengers with them as they do not have the required insurance to do this.
It depends on the number of couriers in the pick up area, as well as the deadline you’ve defined. Should there be someone nearby booking a Rush/High Priority/Express job will generally ensure that your consignment gets picked up quickly as the courier has less time to hit your defined deadline. Should your deadline not be particularly urgent then the courier may wait to get more jobs going in a simialr direction before picking yours up.
Delivery times are calculated on the job distance, plus the time it takes to pick up and deliver an item. Our system will calculate the minimum realistic time expected to complete the job, should you want it done in the minimum realistic time we’ve calculated this will be considered a ‘rush’ or express delivery and you will therefore be charged the maximum price as it doesn’t enable the courier to do other jobs on the way. The longer the time given to complete the job the more the price goes down. The Gophr booking system will not allow to book a delivery with an unrealisticaly short deadline.
We accept Visa and Mastercard upon booking. American Express and Paypal are not accepted as of now unfortunately but we are looking at making these available in due time
Sorry, no cash. For both security and administrative reasons we do not accept any form of cash payments, however if you wish to give a cash tip to your driver then you can do so at your own discretion
Unfortunately we don’t provide this feature currently on our booking page. Please get in touch with customer service via our live chat window to ask for a quote directly and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can with a quote.
A king size double bed. Or anything that fits a large van. Check our blog post here for more details
You can define if you want your parcel insured or not while you book, by selecting the value of the covered item. Please note our policy only covers for the material cost of the items, thsi is standard for all courier services, otherwise you may require a specialist fine art courier service.
Once you have specified the details for your job you are presented with your quote you can change the suggested vehicle type and scheduled time for your chosen day. You can change the date to sometime in the future by clicking on the white arrows at either side of the word TODAY and move the slider indicators to select the collection and delivery times as per usual.
The system will automatically suggest the best vehicle for your job, based on the size and weight of the item being sent and the distance being covered. You will not be able to select certain vehicles if the size, weight or distance exceed the limit for that vehicle type. For example bicycle couriers will generally stay within central London and won’t travel distances further than 7 miles. Van couriers and motorcycle couriers can go much further.
Phone number is so our couriers can call the pickup or delivery contact directly should the need arise. It helps to get the job done more efficiently rather than having them call Gophr HQ and Gophr HQ calling you. We also ask for the email address so they can be sent a link to track the delivery live, much like you can once you book. Again, this is so they know when the courier is arriving so it speeds up the process of delivery. Should you not want the person in question to receive a tracking link simply leave the email field blank.
No, we do not directly target any of the people who’s details you have input during the process of booking. We will never call or send an SMS for marketing purposes, or add them to an email newsletter for example. Should your contact visit our site it is possible they could be targeted through online ads via cookie collection, but that’s about the height of it.
If you don’t have contact information include your own, but beware that not having this information generally makes the process of delivering jobs more difficult, leading to waiting charges whilst we try and find the pickup and delivery address. If the pickup/delivery point is not found and there’s nobody to give/receive the package, there may be cancellation costs incurred too.
You can easily book wait and return jobs from our system by selecting the tickbox to book a return job right before the quote screen. This will create an additional draft in your job board with the same details in the reverse order. Should you want the return job to deliver to a different address you can edit the address information on the return and change it to wherever suits your needs. Our system will make sure the same driver is assigned to both jobs.
At the moment of booking you will be able to specify the postal address and contact details for each location, in addition to this a ‘Notes’ field will be available for both pickup and delivery locations, here you can include any useful information to help the courier find the place, sort their way through reception/security, and in general be able to pick up or deliver your package. If you need to make any ammends to your notes, please contact us.
Yes, but you may need our help to set deadlines out of our office hours. Just get in touch and we’ll check the availability and adjust the pick up/delivery window to your needs.


Please get in touch with our customer service team via live chat button and describe your problem. If you can take screenshots and send them to us via the live chat window even better. You can also reach us via
You can define if you want your parcel insured or not while you book, by selecting the value of the covered item. Please note our policy only covers for the material cost of the items, thsi is standard for all courier services, otherwise you may require a specialist fine art courier service.
You can book deliveries with us every day of the week from 8:00am to 7:30pm. If you require a service outside of these hours, please contact us as we may be able to arrange this for you. Bear in mind that weekend and off-hours service comes with an extra charge.
Yes, we take our customers security very seriously. And we use a secure payment provider [link to judopay] to manage transactions, this means that we do not have direct access to your card details. Judopay are fully PCI compliant. We also have a similar level of security with regards to your personal information as it’s secured and stored on PCI compliant servers on Google’s Cloud Platform
All our couriers are required to provide delivery information upon completion of each and every job delivered. Please take a look at your proof of delivery details which you can find in your ‘job completed’ email receipt or the ‘job history’ section of the mobile or desktop app. Here you’ll find information about where the package was delivered and the person it was left with, along with any notes the courier may have added. If this does not help you in locating your package please please contact us and we will look into the issue.
We currently serve all of London and some of the surrounding areas, however we will pick up in London and deliver anywhere in Britain same-day. If you do need something collected from outside London speak to one of the team on via our live chat and they’ll happily let you know if we can help out or suggest alternatives.
It is sometimes very difficult to determine at what point the package was damaged. We ask our couriers to be vigilant, so if they suspect a package could be damaged before they pick it up we ask them to report it. If a package is fragile it’s important to mark this so we can treat as such. Should you believe one of the couriers is at fault for this please contact us, we treat each case individually and are happy to mediate.
You’ll be reimbursed for lost packages in transit according to the insurance option chosen. If your parcel was not insured, unfortunately the insurance company won’t reimburse you.
The courier should not accept any items, particularly parcels, that are not addressed. A courier can accept many items in any given day so it’s important that your package is properly labelled to avoid any mishaps or confusion. Should the package not be properly addressed but the courier is made to accept it we accept no responsbility for any loss.
No. We do not recommend sending items without appropriate packaging, especially those which are fragile or involve loose parts. We cannot guarantee the integrity of the item and it could even represent a security and/or health risk for the courier. Some large van items might not be possible to package however it is highly advisable that they are still suitably protected to avoid damage.
Not yet, but we plan on offering this service soon.
No, we currently don’t offer repackaging services.
Yes, we do. Just make sure to flag your job as food delivery on the “consignment size” section.
We do our utmost to keep customers happy. As there can be mitigating circumstances around why you may be unsatisfied with the service (e.g. traffic, breakdowns) we treat each case individually and on its merits. Please contact us with your complaint either via our live chat windown or by sending an email to
You can submit a claim by clicking this link: Make a claim
Just a friendly message on live chat will do! You can also give them a 5 star rating once the job is finished
You can request a callback by getting in touch with our customer service. We’re available on office hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm. We can be reached outside these hours, though we are not quite as responsive outside of these times

Job in Progress

You will need to contact us, since we do not have a feature to allow ongoing job modifications yet. Adjustments on notes and contact details are free of charge. Changes on the consignment specification, the pickup or delivery address and deadlines might incur in some charges, you will be notified if this is the case.
Easy. If you booked the job on your account, go to and choose the relevant job you want to get ETA’s for. ETAs will be visible as you hover over each numbered point of the couriers route. If you have not booked the the job the booker can share the tracking link with you and you can still get access to the same information by hovering over each numbered point on the route
After a courier has accepted your job, his/her phone number will visible in the tracker. Access it on ‘Job Board’ option by clicking on the relevant job in the ‘Active’ tab.
In case your courier is unreachable, drop us a message on our live chat and we’ll gladly assist you.
This could happen to many reasons: either the courier is stationary waiting for more jobs, their battery has died or the GPS signal is poor in that area. This also sometimes happens if a motorcycle courier is doing a long distance job and has packed his phone so tightly it no longer receives signal, but this is rare.

Managing your account

Invoices are automatically generated at the end of the month, you will receive a downloadable invoice via email by the following day. You can also check and download your invoices from our desktop app by going to the Payment Details section. Should you require invoices on a weekly basis, please let us know to change your account type, however this may not be applied immediately, to check when you will receive your next invoice please get in touch with our live chat.
Invoices are produced at the end of the month because we cannot produce VAT receipts for both individual jobs as well as end of month statements as it opens us and/or HMRC up to fraud. Our customers preferred the idea of receiving one monthly statement so this is the system we’ve implemented.
If you like our service and want to recommend it to a friend you can copy and paste the referral link found on the Referrals section of the app and send it to them. Alternatively you can write their email address in the space provided and we will send them a link to register. You and your friend will then receive £10 credit towards your next booking.