Estee Lauder needed to find a same-day delivery solution for an exciting new project being undertaken by their innovation team internally; a eCommerce Facebook Chatbot that would enable their customers to buy Gift Boxes for Christmas.

The team needed a solution that was capable of integrating seamlessly with the payment solution implemented within the Facebook Chatbot’s shopping basket. The delivery solution needed to be able to make same-day delivery available if the customer purchasing the item was within the delivery area, and we needed to pull the address details from the chosen Payment gateway; which was Paypal.

The entire solution was developed by Estee Lauders development team using our API, with a bit of help from our side to help them test and refine the solution further.

The launch of this project generated lots of press coverage from a wide variety of national broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. Despite December being the busiest time of year for us all our deliveries went without a hitch.