Swishd customer FAQ’s

Hi there, here are some questions we’ve had from existing Swishd customers,. We will add more as we get them so please feel free to get in touch via Intercom or in the comments section below.

1. Will you be transferring my account data over to Gophr?

No, Swishd are still their own legal entity and any formal transfer of account data would be a legal and operational minefield from a data protection perspective. The good news is that opening an account with Gophr takes about 2 minutes. You can also ┬áinvite other to book on the account within the ‘TEAM’ section quite easily too, should you need to avail of this feature..

2. Do I get the same features with Gophr as I had with Swishd?

Yes. And more. We give you full GPS tracking for all pick ups and drops, including ETA’s. You get access to your couriers name, picture and contact details and lots and lots of other good stuff you’ll discover as you explore our booking engine. We have some very exciting developments to announce in the next few weeks too.

3. Are your prices similar to Swishd’s?

We run a pricing model that is similar to Swishd, in that we charge on distance. However we do charge more depending on how fast you want the job done (e.g. if the distance takes 30 mins to cover and you want it that fast, that’s the maximum price you can be charged). So it’s closer in this respect to traditional same-day courier company pricing. If you have specific requirements that our pricing doesn’t meet we will do what we can to accommodate your requests. Please get in touch with us and see how we might be able to help.

4. Do you have the same drivers as Swishd?

We will be taking on some of Swishd’s drivers, and have already started the process of onboarding them. We are also in discussions with some of their team about joining Gophr on a full or part-time basis.

5. Do you have an delivery API?

Yes. We have the most advanced and flexible delivery API in the same-day delivery space. It starts with the size, weight and characteristics of each item being sent, automatically pairing the right vehicle for the jobs, whilst organising the most efficient delivery routes. Should you need this please get in touch.

We also have WordPress/WooCommerce and Shopify apps available which are very easy to intall. Please find everything here.