Gophr Work Release Version 2.0.20160812

What’s new in this updated version for the for couriers:

  • We’re improving our onboarding process for new couriers, which makes signing up through the app a little less painful. So if you have a pal looking forward to come and work with us, this might be the time where you tell them!

  • The login form has been spiced up and made a tiny bit smarter. If you have it set for remembering your details it will still be a single tap process, but we thought of letting you all know.
  • New special consignment icons, for those packages that require special attention. We want you to know what to expect even before collection, so we don’t cancel jobs nor waste your time.

Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • A few system engine updates, because keeping up with technology is an endless race. And we want to provide you with the best working tool possible.
  • The location alerts have improved, because who knows what 14867.32 minutes actually means? Also, they will remain on the screen long enough for you to actually read them and know what’s going on.
  • Same goes from some of the prompt boxes, we want things to go smoothly and avoid any unintentional mistakes.
  • Which is why we now will require the customers to type in their own names upon delivery, as important it is for us to make this an easy process it is to watch your back and make sure any potentially distressed customer is able to find out who received their valuable package.

On top of that, we’ve fixed a couple annoying bugs that you might have noticed around:

  • Your location will now be updated promptly after restart and login, provided you have the service enabled and a working data connection.
  • And finally, you should be able to update your profile settings and details without problems.

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