Gophr Release Version 1.9.20160711

What’s new in your new version of the app for customers:

  • Additional consignment sizes now available to cover the gap for small and medium cargo items.
  • Jobs routes display is now more consistent with the look and feel of our web application.
  • Included analytics logging and tracking to be able to give you a better customer service experience.
  • Access from the booking view to edit your customer profile when it’s incomplete.
  • Bookings on different cities and restricted times are now available also on mobile.


Additional improvements we have included for you to make your life easier:

  • Forms styles, icons, and transitions have been improved to give a better appearance and smoother experience.
  • Smart job history navigation now stays on the same page after looking at any job details.
  • Extra consignment details have been classified in categories and acknowledgment of these restrictions is now required.
  • Fewer location errors when trying to calculate the closest couriers to your location.


On top of that we’ve ironed out a few kinks that were getting in the way:

  • JudoPay redirections won’t lock the interface anymore.
  • Booking from/to profile bug that was showing after being used with no button to hide it.
  • Loading errors upon low connectivity will not be an issue anymore.

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