This blog aims to inform you of Gophr web and app updates and also acts as a timeline of our achievements since the very beginning. See our timeline herePlease note that our older posts might not provide relevant information anymore and are simply there to show the world how our technology has evolved over time.

November 2019

Milestone: New website and rebranding

We have just released a brand new website and Gophr rebrand. The new website offers updated product features and services for both couriers and customers, guides business users to the all-important booking platform, advertises its courier jobs and features a blog. Easy navigation allows for easy booking and clarity on the new features and services, all whilst wrapped up in a beautiful design to please all visitors.

Focussed on functionality, the new pages have implemented customer-focussed changes to improve the UX for couriers who are applying to work for them, and customers booking jobs including simple and easy to navigate call-to-actions, easy-to-read copy and consistent formatting, all while keeping a fast page load time.

With the new website comes a sharp new logo. Back in 2014, Gophr started out with cycle couriers. The old logo was inspired by their cycle courier culture, reflecting the hand-crafted nature of the zines and stickers they still produce to this day. Gophr has now moved past bicycles to more than six different vehicle types (and growing), whilst evolving as a technology company.

March 2019

Milestone: New sales team

Gophr is expanding and we have doubled in size within the last year. And, with that we’ve now hired a new team dedicated solely to sales. Contact if your business is in need of a same-day courier service with unmatched levels of service at a competitive price.

What else is new for the customer’s booking app:

  • You can now select from your favourites to book a new job to save time typing and searching for addresses
  • Direct jobs are now available on mobile too

November 2018

Milestone: First net profitable month

A lot has happened in the last few months. Our ops team have been grinding hard and we’ve not only implemented driver provision for DHL/UK mail but this has resulted in us hitting our first net profitable month. Hurrah!

Milestone: Driver provision rollout

We’ve been engaging with highly motivated and experienced suppliers. We found that there is a great demand for owner drivers with the level of skill and experience that is typically much higher than an average agency driver. As a result, we’re pairing these drivers with this demand with logistic providers, particularly at peak, where the couriers and the customers benefit from a valuable partnership. Hopeful that this will bring us great success.

July 2018

Milestone: Direct Jobs release

We have recently released direct jobs for those parcels that you want to get from A-B without any drop-offs or pick-ups along the way. Great for if you’re looking for a speedy delivery.

March 2018

Milstone: Geotagging released

Geotagging has now been released so we can get some really specific information about your parcel’s whereabouts. Lots more improvements to come. Keep your eyes peeled…

October 2017

Milestone: Cars and large vans release

Another few busy months for us at Gophr. We’ve hit another milestone and have added cars and large vans to our fleet. This has come hand-in-hand with recruiting lots more car and large van couriers among other new features listed below:

  • As you’re now aware, we have new vehicle types, cars, small vans and large vans. So, we’ve made the app compatible with this new feature.
  • You’ll notice that now the addresses on job board are protected, in line with our updated T&Cs we will only enable the currently assigned couriers to have access to complete addresses

February 2017

Milestone: First HelloFresh drop

This is a biggie. Our first HelloFresh drop has been completed successfully. Gophr is replacing part of the HelloFresh in-house fleet for London deliveries and we are looking forward to continuing work with the fantastic HelloFresh team.

August 2016

Milestone: First completed multi-drop

We have successfully completed our first multi-drop. This is when delivery drivers will drop off multiple consignments in one trip for a much more efficient delivery service. Happy days!

July 2016

Milestone: New desktop release (customers)

We’ve just released a major new update to our desktop booking app that gives you more access to info around your job and your courier than ever before, so you know exactly what your courier is doing and when.

So why is this update any good?

  • Total oversight on courier jobs: more info and context on what is happening with your courier, and their pickups and deliveries. You also get a seriously high-tech animation to show you their route and direction of travel.
  • ETA’s are back: Now that we are giving you full oversight over your couriers pickups and deliveries, we can now bring back ETA’s as it you now have context as to why ETA’s can jump up or down all of a sudden.
  • Improved menu drawer: so it’s a bit more obvious what section you are in. It also takes up less space so you can look at more of the map as well as our brand new…
  • Courier info drawer: we should probably have a sexier name for this feature but it is what it is. Snazzy new drawer on the right hand side which houses info on average acceptance times for vehicles on that day once you book, and then once your courier accepts you get all their contact details, as well as info on when your job was accepted, picked up and delivered. If you cancel a job we ask you why in here too. Helps improve the service and that.
  • More couriers everywhere!: We now display our couriers at all times. We’ve also improved the courier icons so they now no longer look like grey nipples. They look more like tyres …mainly because all our vehicles have them.

Other bits and pieces from the last few months that we want to brag about:

  • Additional consignment sizes are now available to cover the gap for small and medium cargo items
  • We’ve included analytics logging and tracking to be able to give you a better customer service experience
  • Bookings in different cities and restricted times are now available also on mobile
  • ‘Get a Quote’ now pulls through to booking so if you get a quote on the homepage you don’t have to enter it again on booking
  • We have a new dedicated Business section in which we talk about our Commercial API and integration capabilities
  • And, we have a dedicated courier section
  • ‘Favourites’ is now live. Every time you book you can save an address, contact name or business as a favourite for later use direct on the booking screen
  • Improved ‘Team’ section to bring it into line with ‘Favourites’
  • Improved ‘Active Jobs’ section so you can tab between active jobs and draft jobs
  • Improved ‘Job History’ section so you can get easier access to your invoices and reports 
  • ‘Payment details’ in ‘Profile’ section is now a lot tidier, particularly if you have lots of teams and lots of payment methods

March 2016

Milestone: Commercial API release

It’s been another few busy months for us. We’ve been making loads of improvements, one of the more notable ones being our recently released commercial API.

Here’s some other new features and improvements we’ve rolled out over the last 6 months that you might like to sink your teeth into:

  • New in-app and notification sounds
  • Customers can choose from extra consignment options (pork/beef/alcohol etc.)
  • Introduction of teams/team account payments on booking platform
  • Social sign in with Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Wait and return delivery option added

October 2015

Milestone: Motorcycles and vans release

We have been so busy the last few months with one of our biggest and most recent achievements being our motorcycles and vans added to our fleet. This has come hand-in-hand with recruiting lots more motorcycle and van couriers among other new features listed below:

  • Waiting time and waiting notes added to jobs history (web app)
  • Scheduled job confirmation email present which jobs it is
  • Toggle waiting time charges manually
  • Introduction of high priority jobs
  • Able to see your nearby couriers on home screen
  • Rush job launched in customer mobile app
  • Warnings added if deadline is at risk
  • Implementing ETA based on “future location” algorithm
  • Public tracker animation
  • Email confirmation for scheduled job 
  • Previously we had one app for both couriers and customers. These have now been separated
  • Customers can see monthly and weekly costs (web app)
  • Invoices available in PDF files for preview or download (web app)
  • Monthly credit card payments, rather than booking by the job
  • Mail notifications: free credit expiration reminders
  • Mail notification to referee, when the new user books their 1st job

April 2015

Milestone: Website live

Our brand new website is now live and ready for bookings. Lots more features to come…

March 2015

Milestone: Public release

We’ve spent 5 months hiring, designing, building, smashing stuff up, going back to the drawing board, building again, testing, bug fixing, asking lots of questions, meeting couriers and businesses, people from the industry, getting in touch with old friends, and generally, just getting loads of advice.

Most of it has been good; some of it has been terrible. But, after all this time we were finally ready to release a product that works and is much better than what you’ve used to date. That’s not to say that it’s perfect; the list of things we want to change and improve runs as long as Regent Street. 

That said, it’s good enough to test and we thank those who have helped us test this platform.

We’re rolling out some big changes over the comings weeks as part of our ‘Preview’ mode coming in the next 6 weeks… stay tuned.

September 2014

Milestone: Company founded

Co-founder and CEO, Seb Robert, was forced to stay at home one day to wait for a delivery when he became increasingly irate at a courier company for the delay and lack of information on his parcel’s whereabouts. He quickly discovered that people were struggling with poor courier service everyday and he wanted to be the one to change this. 

After a year of solid research and speaking with investors and industry professionals, Seb Robert and Krzystof Worsa founded a new courier service, Gophr.


Give us a shout if you have any questions regarding Gophr’s new and ever-improving web and app functions or take a look at our FAQs page.