Flashing Lights & Robot Locks; new gear to keep your bike safe and secure

The cycling revolution is happening. Probably at a slower pace than we’d like but it’s happening. We all want to be part of it, but there are some malfeasants out there that want to unscrew, unravel and unlock to unburden you of your kit. Disheartening. Thankfully now there are new solutions on the market – and others hopefully on the way – that may mean you are not required to have one bike lock per bike part anymore. Although if you want a Brooks saddle you’re probably still going to have to suffer for it.



Security probably isn’t the first thing that you think of when you see these futuristic looking lights, but the need to take the whole wheel of to steal them makes them a good option. If you’re a fan of the film Tron or you’d like your bike to look like it belongs to a member of Daft Punk then these are probably perfect for you.

Bit sexy innit?


Fortified lights

Not quite as cutting edge as the option above and a little less expensive are Fortified’s options which claim to be theft-proof. It’s a bold claim (one we sadly haven’t been able to confirm first hand however these things seem pretty indestructible as seen in the slightly terrifying truck Vs childs bike video

BONUS: If you are a company that encourages cycling at work – and with the Cycle to Work scheme there is no reasons you shouldn’t – Fortified also provide corporate discounts which are worth checking out on their website.



Flykly’s smart wheel is still probably the least offensive looking method of adding some electric power to your ride and includes a heap of other tech gizmos and benefits for your average commuter. Teh smart wheel which you install by replacing your normal back wheel measures speed, distance and torque and enables you to lock it in place using bluetooth via the mobile app which might help deter thieves. However it does come with a pretty hefty price tag – €1k+ – and will still need a standard lock but it might make a thief think twice.


If Stormtroopers rode bikes their wheels would probably look a bit like this



Three locks in one. You carry three locks anyway, but at least this way you only need one key. If this does ever get developed (and if it doesn’t then hopefully someone like Abus could do something similar?) then you would probably hope it can pack up small, but at least you’ll be able to ensure all major functioning parts of your bike are there when you return to it after a long days work. Except the Brooks saddle, you’re still gonna lose that.



Probably the best option here. Locks both wheels and the frame easily enough and tucks up on the bike for handy carrying. It looks absolutely indestructible although not sure what it’s like on your paintwork given it seems like it has a vice like grip when in use.


Inherent vice



Skylock is probably where you would expect a modern bike lock to be. Connected to your phone it has an array of desirable features like keyless unlocking, which could be great when you need to stop for a coffee or pick up something for some morning energy. Probably the best feature though is the theft alerts that get sent to your phone whenever Skylock detects any vibrations. Great if you’re the kind of person who likes confrontation, probably not so great if your friends and colleagues find out and want to wind you up…


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