Gophr Release Version 1.9.20170126

What’s new in this updated version for the customer’s booking app:

  • The booking process is now more compatible with the web version, we got rid of weird errors popping up at the wrong times and polished some weird looks. We also got rid of the useless map showing the working area as the whole UK, because, what’s the point now right?
  • Hooray! you can now see the ETA of your courier on the job tracking of the mobile app, about time this got done! We shall be bringing some more job tracking improvements soon, so stay tuned.
  • You know that cool feature on our web app where you can repeat a booking with reversed addresses? Well, you can do that on your mobile now too.

Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • We’ve ironed out a few kinks, fixed some ugly looks from the active jobs list, cancellation box, and got rid of some weird errors popping up at awkward times.
  • There are some improvements on the profile management tools for picture uploads and address setup.
  • Whenever you get an expired card message you’ll be able to add a new one on the spot without interrupting your booking.
  • And some other backstage technological improvements.

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