Gophr Work Release Version 2.2.20180427

What’s new in this updated version of the app for couriers:

  • You can now add comments on address directory locations, so that you can share tips with your colleagues about how access to job locations

  • Submitting waiting time that is less than the chargeable amount will now be detected, so you can verify the time before proceeding
  • In an ideal world no one would be late, but life happens and sometimes is not perfect so now you’ll have a reminder to call customers when you’re running late

  • You can up-vote (or down-vote) locations, but how many people has voted before? and how do you know your vote counts? That’s easy, voting counts are now visible

  • Support team doesn’t seem know which job you’re talking about more often than necessary which is why now the message shows with the job id pre-filled


Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • The notification timeout sound went AWOL on the last version, now it’s back

  • Some of you might have been experiencing some refresh and tab switching errors which made things disappear at inconvenient times. Apologies, it shouldn’t happen anymore