Gophr Work Release Version 2.1.20171016

What’s new in this updated version of the app for couriers:

  • As you’re aware now we have new vehicle types, cars, small vans and large vans. So we’ve made the app compatible with this new feature.
  • The ETAs for future scheduled jobs will now be visible, bear in mind these will be more accurate the closer the time for the job to start as we cannot predict, for example, where you will be the following day.
  • You’ll notice that now the addresses on job board are protected, in line with our updated T&Cs we will only enable the currently assigned couriers to have access to complete addresses.

Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • The order refusals flow is now smoother and faster to prevent the initial confusion when completing this kind of jobs.
  • We’ve improved the waiting time clock to account for network time differences and the app being in the background or shut down.
  • The app now manages in a more sensible way the suspended state, when access is restricted to essential parts of the application.
  • Fixed some errors appearing on the diagnostics tool that were affecting app tracking and internal service records.
  • System updates and data management changes have been added to improve the way the app works and remove issues for Android 8 and iOS 11 users.


Important note: If you’re running Android 8 you might still find that the sound for the notifications doesn’t always work as expected, we’re working on fixing this as soon as possible!

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