Gophr Work Release Version 2.1.20170901

What’s new in this updated version of the app for couriers:

  • We have enabled a new diagnostics tool to help when you suspect there are issues preventing the app from functioning correctly (e.g. location updates, notifications) you can find it in the app menu or your profile settings.

  • There will be new options available: cars and large-vans. If your vehicle falls into any of these 2 categories we might require you to¬†get in touch with us.

  • You’ve got mail! we have updated our Terms and Conditions so look up for the notice in your inbox. If you want to check them out now just click here.


Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • Added some changes to refine the GPS tracking including reduced location updates in case the app is working overnight.

  • Fixed repeated network calls that were keeping the app unnecessarily busy.

  • We have also included improvements to the signature image loading.

  • Last but not least, we’ve taken care of a few issues with the app loading and background services to keep everything running smoothly.