Gophr Work Release Version 2.1.20170424

What’s new in this updated version of the app for couriers:

  • As requested by you and some of our customers as well we now have independent food settings so you can which special jobs you want to receive or not.

  • We are now introducing a live chat support for couriers inside the app, to make it easier to get help or report any issue.

  • Improvements on the courier to customer contact now enable you to know which numbers are available at each job location.

  • The waiting reasons will now require notes if an incorrect address is provided so we can double check and better communicate to the customer any delays.

Additional improvements we have included for you because we’re nice:

  • Added support for the newest job priorities enabled for some of our partner customers.

  • Major system and library updates to improve the quality of our apps.

  • Fixed the display error observed when logging in with social media.

  • We got rid of some errors related to image file uploads.

  • Some tracking was added to help us understand better the use of the app and how to help you when any issue occurs.

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