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What can and can’t our couriers carry? A lot of people ask questions about what our vehicles can carry and what’s best for their job, so we’ve pulled this post together as a bit of a guide. more
  September 2015, 12 months on from the success of the Long Live the South Bank Campaign. Now that the Totally Thames festival is under way we decided it was a good time to look into one of the most iconic and memorable places on the river and the story of its salvation: London’s South Bank undercroft. Jasper; pro-skater and Gophr courier, sat down with us to tell us a bit about what made a group of skaters unite to save their space. Read on to find out what made a vacant space become one of the most recognised places in London.   more
It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can appreciate the feeling that you get when you eat something that’s really good. David, the co-founder of the Good Brownie company, has a distinct vision for how his brownies should be enjoyed and taste is only the start. more
This is the first post in a series of interviews with some of our clients and friends, aiming to highlight the triumphs and struggles of running your own business. Where better to start than the spiritual home of London cycle couriers: Fullcity cycles. A small bike shop located on Leather Lane in Farringdon, every inch of Fullcity is stuffed with bikes and bike parts, more
So this time it was my turn to immerse myself in a cycle messenger event that’s the largest in Europe and was by all accounts the most well European Cycle Messenger Championships attended for quite a few years. [For this years World’s check out Seb’s experience at the CMWC in April]. more
Cylo bike
The Cylo 1 has been described as ‘The perfect bike’. Created by a former director of design at Nike, it’s a very attractive bike (if a little feminine). There are lots of people more
The cycling revolution is happening. Probably at a slower pace than we’d like but it’s happening. We all want to be part of it, but there are some malfeasants out more