Abellio deliver 1000’s of travelcards a month to some of the biggest bluechips based here in London. They came to us with the challenge of picking up these travel cards at a specific time and delivering them all across London within a couple of hours in order to ensure that they arrived just in time to replace expired commuters expired travelcards. The courier service they were using up to that point was proving unreliable which led to customer complaints and ultimately, ended up costing Abellio to refund tickets that needed to be bought in order to cover the cost of travel as a result of tickets not turning up

Gophr built a booking system that enables multiple drops to be booked along multiple routes. Bookings are confirmed by a certain cut off time and our fastest couriers are tasked within a few hours. This entire process is now being implemented via our API.

Since Gophr were appointed on a two week trial we have delivered thousands of travelcards on Abellio’s behalf with no recorded customer issues.